Who We Are

Forever Gifts, Inc. — the company behind the Crosslight® and Nuvelon™ brands — designs, brands, and sources product assortments for a variety of retail channels. As a trusted partner for the nation's largest mass and specialty retailers, we nurture long-standing, multi-category retail relationships by continually being at the forefront of consumer trends. Our categories include outdoor living, solar lighting, home décor, seasonal assortments, and outdoor audio.

In our centrally-located showroom and design development headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, product marketing teams design and develop from-scratch industrial and decorative designs, and best-in-class packaging. With our large-scale Asia infrastructure, Forever Gifts is one of the only major retail suppliers that manages all of its suppliers directly, creating unparalleled value for retailer supply chains.

Our People

Hendra Wijaya

Chief Executive Officer

Hendra Wijaya, CEO of Forever Gifts, is at the helm of our business operations.

With a degree in Management Information Systems from University of Texas – Dallas, Hendra began building this company without any experience in the business world.

Forever Gifts started as a wholesale business in December of 2004. Prior to settling into management, Hendra was directly involved with every aspect of the company, busily operating within all necessary departments. In 2006, Hendra realized a different direction was needed and shifted the company to a focus on direct importing. Since then, he has gained tremendous experience in the business and has grown and developed with Forever Gifts. With a passion and interest in technology and cutting edge innovation, Hendra has dedicated his efforts to bringing that to our customers. Combined with over a decade of experience in the business, he has used these passions to build strong business relationships with our customers, including many major US retailers.

In his free time, Hendra enjoys spending his time with his family, bicycling with his children, vacationing at the beach, and playing basketball. A major sports fan, Hendra follows many different sports and is particularly fond of basketball and soccer.

Marcus Pestl

Art Director

Marcus Pestl is our Art Director specializing in product and packaging design, and developing creative strategy.

Marcus discovered his love for "all things design" at an early age. Fashion, technology, lighting and home products have always been his passionate focus. After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and following post-graduate education at the University of New South Wales, Marcus began a career that merged his design skills with his interest in manufacturing and retail. Developing innovative retail products for a variety of distribution channels and categories has become second nature. Marcus has worked with design firms, retail fashion brands, wholesalers, and sourcing companies where he has designed, developed and managed various projects ranging from home appliances, fashion accessories, jewelry, scented products, ceramics, indoor and outdoor lighting, print projects and trade shows.

An entrepreneur and inventor at heart, Marcus is passionate about building partnerships whenever possible. With more than a decade of practical experience in the consumer retail industry, he values opportunities to build on his knowledge of product and merchandising. When not at his desk, Marcus can be found traveling, painting, and spending time with friends, family and neighbors.

Fabian Limandibrata

Sr. Account Coordinator

Fabian Limandibrata is our Senior Account Coordinator. He is responsible for our direct import orders, ensuring quality and on-time order delivery.

Fabian has worked with retail, banking, and consulting companies where he has developed and managed various projects including but not limited to operations and system improvement, compliance management, and service excellence. Fabian works closely with vendors and overseas offices to improve quality and efficiency. He is also keen in implementing code of conduct and ethical business sourcing.

In his spare time he enjoys travelling, eating good food, and spending time with his family. He holds a degree in psychology from Universitas Indonesia, and a degree in educational management from the University of Melbourne.

Katrina Dong

Budget/Management Analyst

Katrina is our Budget/Management Analyst. She is responsible for our AR, AP, transportation costs, organizing payments, deductions, and claims to vendors. Reviewing employee expense reimbursement requests. Organize customer payments including advances, monthly finance report. Process full-cycle Accounts Receivable invoices for clients. Manage and contact clients regarding delinquent accounts and collection of payment schedules. Organize import and domestic shipments and booking. She also has Interior Design background when she studies in China.

In her spare time she loves travelling, watching movies, and shopping. She also like animals a lot, and she has one golden retriever, two labradors and one cat at home. Her motto is use of willing attitude, a happy-go-lucky life.

Sydney Grimes

Office Administration & Customer Service

Sydney Grimes is the Head of our Customer Service Team. She is the first responder to any incoming calls or emails from customers that have questions about their products, or just need replacement parts. She is also the Office Administrative Assistant to the CEO and the COO, so she not only takes care of everything around the office such as supplies, organization, and events, but she handles special projects for her managers as well.

Sydney has been in every role there is in the Retail World from Warehouse Worker to Counter Manager. Her ambition is incredible, and she’s been working since she was only 14 years old starting at her father’s small business in Houston. Since she has been working Retail for over six years, her most valued quality along with her Work Ethic is Customer Service.

Sydney is a warm and compassionate person who lives to make the people around her happy. She brings an upbeat and positive attitude wherever she goes, and she always strives to do her best in everything. She is very competitive when it comes to sales, sports, and any type of contest.

Sydney is currently learning how to play the ukulele and she hopes to learn the guitar someday as well. She loves to paint in her free time and laze about with her husband and their adopted pet Dachshund, Dexter. When she isn’t working, you can find her travelling, reading, watching Science videos, and walking outside enjoying nature.

Katelyn Arrambidez

Customer Service

Katelyn is a part of our customer service team, which includes service calls and replacements. She, also, maintains the catalog server and takes care of the administrative and general office duties such as gathering a list of office supplies needed, or ordering supplies for office. She lends a helping hand to everyone who needs one. Another one of her tasks is comp shopping. In Katelyn"s free time she likes to hang out with her best friend, listen to music, watch The Office, draw and do makeup. She loves animals and wishes to have her own Pug, one day, but for now she shows all her love to her Akbash, Zeus. One of her favorite phrases is, "La vie en rose." Life through pink glass, which is a happy memory that you always go back to.

Supreeya "Nucha" Wheeler

Product Design Coordinator

Supreeya “Nucha” Wheeler is our Product Design Coordinator. She sources and creates new indoor and outdoor home décor products for customers, submits prototype designs, and works with the sales team to forecast future business. She is skilled in jewelry design, graphic design, interior design and product development.

Supreeya earned a Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts majoring in product design, from The Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design and Creative Arts at Mahasarakham University, Thailand. Her experience includes several years working as a product designer in Thailand. She moved to the United States in 2008. While in America, she has worked in product research and development, especially home decoration designs and presentations for retail and market shows. She has designed products such as jewelry, graphic design, home decorative pillows, throws, rugs, dinnerware, bedding sets, lamps, furniture and many other home furnishings. She enjoys what she does and wants to do everything she can to succeed.

Supreeya enjoys cooking many of her native Thai dishes (the spicier, the better!), watching Pixar movies, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and exploring all types of cuisine.

Mabel Zhang

China Team Operations

Mabel is a seasoned professional with more than 10 years working experience in merchandising and product development. She is an effective leader, respected by her colleague and clients.

She support U.S team daily operation by managing China team performance; trouble shooting issues on merchandising, production and product development; and develop corrective action plans for quality issues.

Mabel consistently develop China team capability and improve supplier performance.In her spare time, Mabel enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and learning different cultures.

Sophia Shi

Order Processing Manager

Sophia is responsible for Direct Import order follow up, sourcing, and product development. She manages and monitors production and shipment scheduling with the help of the assistant merchandisers .

Sophia works closely with the US office team to understand customer needs and keep up with the sales trend. Sophia communicate intensively with suppliers to build rapport and mutual trust.

In her spare time, Sophia enjoy time with her children and family.

Mary Summerville

Sr. Account Coordinator

Mary has an extensive background in softlines and hardlines quality testing, product safety regulations, product development and sourcing. She has worked in retail merchandising supporting furniture, housewares, kitchen electronics, bedding and bath linens. Mary works together with our overseas office and vendors to bring the highest quality products and best performing program to our valued customers. She believes in a work culture that constantly seeks to improve the processes and to increase productivity with efficiency. She strives to have the best understanding of the customer’s needs and make their vision her vision.

Mary uses her background in education to build others up by working alongside her counterparts and giving them opportunities to grow and expand themselves in various capacity. She is always looking for ways to help others better understand as well as learn from her colleagues and friends. One of her biggest initiative is to streamline processes to help everyone work smarter.

When she’s not at the office, Mary loves to spend time learning new recipes with her husband, trying out new restaurants, dabbling in arts & crafts, photography and traveling. She is secretly a big nerd at heart and loves board games, sci-fi films, crime drama and has epic film scores as part of her playlist.

Carlos Diaz

Account Coordinator

Carlos is an Account Coordinator, he handles domestic and international orders for our brand Nuvelon.

Carlos is responsible for several E-Tailers accounts such as Amazon.com and Bestbuy.com, he makes sure each account receives their orders accurately and on time. Carlos has also worked with major retailers ensuring product compliance, correct carton marking and labeling, and quality standards are met and exceeded for each purchase order. Carlos is also responsible for all domestic orders; making sure that all quantities are correct, that the shipping window is met, that the logistics are accurate, and that every 't' is crossed and 'i' dotted.

On his free time, Carlos enjoys studying, hitting the gym, and spending time with his baby sister.

Melanie Smith

Account Coordinator

Melanie is on our Account Coordinator’s team. Melanie is responsible for assisting with accounts, which include preparing and coordinating samples, quotes, and PowerPoint presentations. She also communicates with our China team to ensure accurate and prompt deliveries. She is also responsible for keeping up with market trends and product knowledge.

Melanie graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Merchandising and Hospitality Management. Melanie enjoys spending time with her dogs, fiancé, family and friends. In her free time she loves traveling, being outdoors and being active.

Samantha Schlegel

Account Coordinator

Samantha is one of the account coordinators in the office. She is responsible for working with customers to place direct import orders and ensuring a smooth process from placement of the order to the shipment of the order. She also helps out with tasks that require Photoshop or Illustrator whenever is needed.

Samantha holds a degree in Communications from Wilson College. She has a strong love for animals and for helping others whenever she can. In her spare time, you can find her playing video games on her PC and spending time with friends and family.